BOOT SAVER: The Solution to a Costly Problem

Safety shoes and boots often lose their protective properties after only a few months of normal use.

The BOOT SAVER is specially designed to protect the toe area of the safety shoe and boot from wear that can cause steel toe exposure.

As a result, the footwear conforms to safety standards for a longer period of time.

BOOT SAVER: An Economical Solution


By extending the life of the footwear, BOOT SAVER represents significant savings for workers and their employers.

Easy to Apply For Work...and Play
BOOT SAVERs are sold in pairs and come prepackaged with specially formulated glue. They can be used to protect both new and used footwear, from safety shoes and boots to hiking boots or any other type of rugged footwear.

Unique Features

  • Resistant to: - cold, intense heat
                      - water, chemicals
                      - friction

  • Lightweight and non-marking

  • Increase protection against electrical shocks

  • Available in black, brown and tan

  • One size fits all.

To keep your feet protected, Protect your safety footwear.

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